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Therapy for LGBTQ+ People in Washington DC

You are not an outcast. 

You are one-of-a-kind.
And regardless of what the world or your inner critic might tell you, you deserve the same opportunity to be, feel, and walk through life as everyone else.

Honor + Celebrate Your Truth.

I’m Dr. Wayne Bullock, a licensed psychologist serving adults in Washington, DC, and neighboring areas. I offer in-person therapy for LGBTQ+ individuals to help them embrace their genuine colors and share them with the world.

Growing up gay and needing extensive speech therapy made me feel like an outsider. For many years, I’ve dealt with the piercing sensation of not belonging, feeling lost, unwanted, and different from the “norm.” These experiences motivated me to pursue clinical psychology and specialize in human sexuality, allowing me to heal and support others to be proud of who they are.

LGBTQ+ therapy opens the door to being and loving unconditionally.

Wherever you are in the LGBTQ+ rainbow, you are welcome here. 

Contact me for a consultation or schedule an appointment today.

What Is LGBTQ+ Therapy or LGBTQ+ Counseling?

LGBTQ+ therapy is affirmative psychotherapy for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It consists of meeting with a mental health professional who is qualified and informed to provide exceptional care for LGBTQ+ folx as they face their distinct battles.

These challenges include stressors everybody deals with and the added barriers related to discrimination, abuse, and ignorance toward non-binary or non-heteronormative people.

Do You Need LGBTQ+ Therapy?

LGBTQ+ therapy can help you address anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual issues, and other common difficulties, honoring your unique identity and orientation.

But, this specialized treatment can also aid you in dealing with those particular obstacles you might endure as part of the LGBTQ+ community.


These hardships include:

  • Abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional)

  • Bullying or mistreatment

  • Coming out

  • Fear, shame, and self-hatred

  • Feeling lonely and misunderstood

  • Finding and accepting your gender identity and/or sexual orientation

  • Misinformation or lack of knowledge about LGBTQ+ topics

  • Dating and navigating relationships

  • Self-harming or risky behaviors

  • Systemic prejudice and inequality

  • Transitioning


Are any of these resonating with you? 


If so, LGBTQ+ therapy can help you attain the compassion, courage, and comfort you seek.

How Can LGBTQ+ Therapy Help?

LGBTQ+ therapy allows you to: 

Tune in

You may be seeking support to understand who you are and who you love. Perhaps you are figuring out how you want to show up in the world and relate to those around you. Or maybe you want guidance to traverse and flow within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Therapy offers a secure and confidential space to be curious and tune into yourself—your identity, orientation, desires, needs, and goals. I will facilitate sincere, kind, and sometimes challenging conversations for you to find and reflect on the answers you are looking for. This is your haven to explore, share, and connect with a deeper sense of self.


Once you are in tune with your true colors, we will work on accepting and loving your whole self—including those parts you may not like or feel comfortable with yet. 

Therapy can help you feel seen and validated to rediscover freedom, pride, and self-compassion. The goal is to empower you to take space and honor your uniqueness as you continue to walk your path.


Aligning with and celebrating your truth can increase your confidence and hope. But they may fall short when abuse, bigotry, and unfair conditions are added into the mix.

Whether you struggle with everyday life stressors, mental health conditions, or specific LGBTQ+-related issues, therapy offers practical strategies to manage symptoms and navigate distress. I will propose exercises and coping techniques tailored to your particular case and identity, adjusting and changing courses as you heal. 


While we’ve made huge strides, I know the LGBTQ+ community may continue to face hardship. And I also understand it’s impossible to prepare you for any foreseeable scenario in your life. Yet, I want to help you expand your perspective and build a toolkit you can pull from when difficulties arise.

Dr. Wayne Bullock | LGBTQ+ Therapist in Washington DC

I provide in-person LGBTQ+ therapy for adults in Washington, DC, and its surroundings (Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and DC Metro Area).

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I empathize with your pain and confusion. You deserve respect, love, and a chance to be unapologetically yourself. My hope is you can find insight, solace, and skills to grow as we enter this journey.


I follow a psychoanalytic approach, incorporating interpersonal and relational therapy. I see gender and sexuality as a spectrum and strive to be caring, collaborative, and candid. It’s all about finding a balance tailored to your individual needs.

Wondering whether we’d be a good fit? Book a free consultation to get a feel of how we would work together and ask questions. If we agree to move forward, we’ll schedule recurring appointments and get started with treatment.

Sessions are typically weekly and last 45 minutes. 

I’m Here for You!

If you are looking for an affirming therapist to help you discover and stay true to yourself, I’m here to help.

Call (202) 505-2795 or connect with me to book a consultation.

Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment today.

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