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Therapy for Gay Men

There is no right path to follow.

There is no “one way” to be gay––or to be a man.


And while you may have certain expectations from your upbringing, masculinity standards, or society’s view of the gay community, you have the opportunity to unlearn what doesn’t serve you and take care of your mental health.

Being gay shouldn’t stop you from loving and living your best life.

Write Your Own Story.

My name is Dr. Wayne Bullock. I’m a licensed psychologist offering in-person therapy for gay men living in Washington, DC, and nearby areas. 

As a gay therapist, I integrate my training, client work, and lived experiences to help other gay men thrive––understanding that no single person is representative of the entire gay community. I will lead you with curiosity and encourage you to dive deep to write your own narrative.


Therapy can help you see yourself for who you are. You will gain the empathy, grit, and support you deserve to tend to your wounds, address challenges, and build meaningful relationships.


Contact me for a free consultation or schedule a therapy appointment today.

What Is Therapy for Gay Men?

Therapy consists of meeting with a licensed mental health professional to talk about your struggles, manage difficulties, and find strategies to improve your life.

Therapy for gay men focuses on supporting gay men as they face their unique concerns. These may include issues anyone might encounter (e.g., anxiety, depression), common LGBTQ+ problems (e.g., coming out, bullying), and the distinct hardship gay men may confront around masculinity, HIV trauma, relationships, etc.


Therapy for gay men involves seeing a counselor who is trained and skilled in assisting members of the gay community with respect, openness, and care. The purpose is to validate your experience as a gay man and guide you to accomplish your goals. 

Do You Need Therapy?

Therapy can help you manage depression, anxiety, trauma, sex and sexuality problems, and issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community, among many other concerns.

While every gay man walks a different path, common challenges that might bring them to therapy include:

  • Abuse or attacks (physical, sexual, or emotional)

  • Body image concerns and dissatisfaction

  • Discrimination and rejection

  • Embracing sexual orientation and coming out to friends, family, and community

  • Issues connecting with others or experiencing emotional intimacy (e.g., guilt around same-sex attraction, relying on physical connection to share emotions, confusion around needs)

  • Lived or intergenerational HIV trauma, resulting in sexual anxiety, fear, shame, and trouble asking for or using PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)

  • Loneliness, self-loathing, and low self-worth

  • Navigating monogamous and ethical non-monogamous relationships, including challenges about opening or closing a relationship, jealousy, and unmet needs

  • Stigma around the gay community, masculinity, and men stereotypes (e.g., internalized homophobia, conflicting pressure to be masculine or feminine)


If you or your loved one is dealing with any of the above, therapy can help you.

How Can Therapy Help Gay Men?

Therapy for gay men supports you to:


Get Curious

You may feel confused, disconnected, or lost in the gay community. Perhaps you are stuck on how gay men “should” be or act. Or you might struggle to navigate challenges that are not directly related to your sexual orientation but would like support from someone who honors your whole being.

Therapy provides the place and opportunity to inquire, explore, and share, away from the expectations of the outside world. I will foster safe and open discussions to get to know your needs, concerns, and goals, empathizing without assuming or “filling in the gaps” in your story.


As you get curious about who you are and how you got there, you will start reconnecting with yourself and developing greater self-awareness. 

Therapy allows you to find and affirm all the light and darkness in your journey. I will help you embrace vulnerability and compassion to see, understand, and reintegrate the pieces you may have been avoiding. Together, we will identify patterns, make critical shifts, and discover ways to stay aligned with your authentic self.



Therapy not only supports you in exploring and finding your truth but in relishing it. My goal is to give you the insight, tools, and strategies you seek to attain freedom and joy.


However, I also recognize prejudice, inequality, and distress may continue to stand in your way. The work we’ll do can’t protect you from every issue or unforeseeable circumstance. But it can teach you a lot about yourself and empower you to cope with challenges when they emerge.

Dr. Wayne Bullock | Gay Therapist for Gay Men in Washington DC

I offer in-person therapy for gay men in Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; the DC Metro Area; and neighboring locations. My doors are open to any adult in need of help, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Sessions are generally scheduled once a week and last 45 minutes.

I’m a gay therapist specializing in human sexuality and passionate about guiding other gay men in their journeys. I can relate to the turmoil, loneliness, and disconnection that may cloud your life. But I also know that we are not all the same—we all have different experiences and stories to share.

My approach is psychoanalytic and blends relational and interpersonal therapy. I focus on reviewing your history, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and relationships to get to know you in all dimensions. I want us to remain curious, engaged, and open to learning throughout this process.

You don’t have to work with a gay male therapist to find the support you need as a gay man. Yet working with someone with similar lived experiences, who understands your concerns on a personal level, may strengthen the therapeutic relationship and make you feel more comfortable.

You Are Not Alone!

If you are looking for an affirming therapist who “gets it” yet stays open to your individuality as a gay man, I’m here for you.

Call me at (202) 505-2795 or reach out to book a free consultation and see if we are a good fit. 

Ready to start therapy? Schedule an appointment with me today.

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