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Therapy for Trauma in Washington DC

Life may constantly challenge you.

Sometimes it feels like loss, distress, and suffering have no endpoint.


Yet, you can find avenues to learn from and move through your pain to mend and rebuild.

Regain Safety + Feel Whole.

My name is Dr. Wayne Bullock, and I’m a licensed psychologist empowering individuals to transform their lives. I provide trauma therapy for adults living in Washington, DC, and nearby regions.

The ache of trauma can permeate every corner of your being, sabotaging your safety and robbing you of peace and freedom. I will support you as we journey through your past experiences, interpersonal relationships, and unconscious mind to understand how they might affect you and open up space to heal.

Trauma therapy can help you feel safe and whole again.

Reach out for a free consultation or book an appointment for trauma therapy today.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is your distinct reaction to a traumatic event or series of events.

A traumatic event is any distressing situation in which you feel threatened, deeply scared, or disturbed.


Traumatic events can include:

  • Accident (e.g., car crash, work injury)

  • Childhood abandonment or negligence

  • Criminal act (e.g., robbery, kidnapping)

  • Death of someone you love or profound loss

  • Disasters and emergencies (e.g., COVID-19 crisis, house fire)

  • Military service

  • Physical, emotional, and sexual assault or abuse 

  • Seeing others experience trauma

  • Severe injury or medical condition

  • Violence and discrimination

What Is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy consists of meeting with a mental health specialist to examine your trauma, recognize your truth, and adopt effective strategies to process it.

The purpose is not to wipe out your past or suppress your pain. I want to help you understand yourself (your fears, emotions, desires, and patterns) to pave the path for a new chapter.

Do You Need Trauma Therapy?

Some people live through painful or upsetting incidents and move on without harm. Yet, wounds may stay open for others, impairing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

When the pain of trauma hasn’t fully healed, certain triggers can spark your fight, flight, and freeze response, causing debilitating effects. These are post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms

  • Alertness and hypervigilance

  • Avoiding people, places, and anything that reminds you of the traumatic event

  • Excessive worry and nerves

  • Flashbacks and recurring memories about your trauma 

  • Lack of energy and hope

  • Moodiness and overwhelming emotions

  • Poor sleep and nightmares

  • Restlessness 

  • Self-blame and shame

  • Trouble discussing or remembering the traumatic incident

If you are struggling with any of these signs of post-traumatic stress, trauma therapy can help you tend to your wounds and ease your symptoms.

How Therapy Can Help With Trauma

Therapy can support you to:


You may not want to talk or think about what happened to you. You may not fully remember or comprehend it yet, which scares and confuses you, so you keep it locked up and away. Yet, understanding yourself, your trauma, and its implications is the first step to recovery.

We will take the time to reflect on your experiences, relationships, triggers, fears, and emotions, so you can find answers and connect the dots amidst the pain. We will do so in a cautious and safe way, without rush or pressure, because I know how challenging this journey can be.


As you unfold the conscious and unconscious layers of your trauma, you will gain insight into why and how you got here. We will use this as a foundation to reprocess your traumatic experience and find relief.

You will start to reframe your trauma as a chapter of your story instead of the main plot. You will see it as something that doesn’t define you or determine your future, but may have informed some of your choices and patterns in life.


This newfound clarity can help you be aware of and at peace with your traumatic memories. We will alleviate your nervous system’s reaction to trauma (symptoms) and motivate change (improved well-being).

Of course, this path might not be easy. It may take tremendous patience and grace to navigate it. But I will be there with you through it all, providing direction and effective resources to manage distress in and out of therapy.

Dr. Wayne Bullock | Trauma Therapist in Washington DC

I offer in-person psychotherapy for trauma, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ challenges, sex and sexuality issues, and more. I work with adults ages 18 and up residing in Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and the DC Metro Area.

Past or ongoing traumatic experiences may be stopping you from growing and savoring life. Yet, therapy grants you awareness and tools to soothe and start anew.


My therapeutic modality is psychoanalytic, blending interpersonal and relational therapy into the mix. My style is friendly and engaging. I’m also mindful of how uncomfortable it can be to discuss traumatic memories, but I will gently guide you and equip you with strategies to make this a safe and validating space.

Therapy starts with a free phone consultation to answer your questions and get to know each other. If you decide to move on with treatment, we’ll meet regularly (typically once a week). Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Let’s Connect!

I know it hurts. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me help you regain your sense of safety and hope for what’s to come.

Call (202) 505-2795 or contact me to book a consultation.


Ready to begin therapy? Schedule an appointment with me.

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