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Work with someone who gets it. I've spent my entire career specializing in providing affirmative therapy for sexual & gender queer people. 

Gay Pride
Gay Couple

I have particular experience working with gay men at the intersection of them identifying as men and gay/queer. In our society, this intersection represents unique challenges and experiences, and I am here to help you navigate them.

For those who experience trauma, life feels unbearably chaotic & painful. I know I need to earn your trust and work with you to reestablish your sense of safety and sense of a worthwhile future. 

Therapy for Trauma - Washington DC
Sex Therapist - Washington DC

Sex in our society is often viewed as a taboo topic, with people finding it incredibly hard to be open with themselves & others about their sexual wishes and identities. I completed a Master's in Human Sexuality to help you proudly connect with your sexuality.

Perhaps things take more energy than they once did, or you've felt sad, lonely, or like you're no good. You may be wondering what happened to the sense that life could be more exciting. Depressive symptoms are common and you do not need to endure them alone. 

Therapy for Depression - Washington DC
Therapy for Anxiety - Washington DC

Thinking, rethinking & overthinking, worried about what others think about you. Or, perhaps, ruminating about something that occurred while you were at work earlier. Anxiety can become a heavy burden. While it may be a part of life, we won't let it control you any longer. 

Don't feel like any of this resonates? That's ok! I have significant experience helping people with a variety of concerns. Let me know what you want to work on and I'll let you know if I think we are a match, or I'll let you know who I think is. Send me a message or schedule a free phone consultation so we can talk about next steps.

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