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Therapy for Depression in Washington DC

You are doing the best you can.

Yet, it doesn’t seem to be enough. 

Sorrow and loneliness fill your whole self, but somehow you feel utterly empty. 


And despite what others say, you may not see yourself as worthy. 


It hurts.


You might wonder what happened to you. Where did your drive and desires go? Why are things taking much more energy and effort than before?

Why can’t you “pull yourself together?”

Depression may cloud your path, but therapy can help you get the clarity and hope you deserve.

Rediscover Your Purpose + Build Confidence.

My name is Dr. Wayne Bullock. I’m a licensed psychologist providing in-person depression therapy for adults living in Washington, DC, and surrounding locations—Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and the DC Metro Area.

I know what it’s like to feel sad, disconnected, and alone. These distressing emotions can wound you deeply and prevent you from enjoying the many gifts life has to offer.


Depression therapy is an opportunity to retrieve your sense of meaning and vitality for better days.

Let’s make space for a new and vibrant journey. 

Contact me to learn more about anxiety therapy or schedule an appointment to get started.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a severe mood condition that affects your emotional, mental, and physical health. More than feeling nostalgic or blue, it’s a complex disorder that warrants professional care.

It’s common to experience occasional pain and heartbreak or feel low and overwhelmed by daily stressors. But, if you endure persistent despair and a loss of interest or pleasure that impairs your ability to function, you may be dealing with depression.


Depression may come along due to:

  • Chemical, immunological, or hormonal imbalances

  • Family or personal history of depression or other psychological challenges

  • Medical conditions or diseases

  • Seasonal changes

  • Side effects of medications

  • Stressful or traumatic events


Yet sometimes, depression shows up for no apparent reason.

So, how do you know if you are living with it?


Let’s look at the signs.

What Are the Signs of Depression?

Depression is not a condition you can switch off or ignore, hoping it will disappear.


Unfortunately, the symptoms can be so debilitating that getting out of bed or changing your clothes may take incredible effort or seem almost impossible. And sometimes, the coping strategies you may resort to end up aggravating your symptoms.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms of Depression

  • Deep sadness and emptiness

  • Drastic mood shifts, anger, and frustration

  • Frequently crying or feeling like crying

  • Guilt and worthlessness

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Lack of hope or purpose

  • Lethargy and trouble concentrating or remembering things

  • Loss of energy or exhaustion

  • Low or no interest in activities you used to enjoy (e.g., hobbies, socializing)

  • Self-harming thoughts or behaviors

  • Sleep issues (e.g., poor sleep, sleeping too much)

Physical Symptoms of Depression

  • Aches or pain

  • Changes in appetite or eating patterns

  • Digestive issues

  • Other physical ailments without a clear cause

If you see yourself or someone you care about reflected in any of these signs, please know you are not alone.


Therapy can help you understand yourself, increase your confidence, and navigate draining symptoms. 

What Is Depression Therapy?

Depression therapy consists of working one-on-one with a counselor to gain insight into yourself, reconnect with your inner and outer world, and find effective alternatives to manage depression.

How Therapy Helps With Depression

Depression therapy can help you: 


We will dive into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to peel back your layers.

Wherever you are, we can retrace your steps to discover how you got there and what shifts may be needed to improve your life (e.g., reframing rigid thoughts, breaking harmful habits, or questioning negative beliefs).


Sharing your truth and making informed changes can help you restore your connection with yourself and others, as well as what brings you pure joy.


You will cultivate compassion and self-love, recover or reinvent your purpose, and pave a path forward with intention. As you work towards your goals, you will gain motivation and energy to keep going.


Reclaiming your self-worth will lead to greater awareness, trust, and resiliency to steer your course through the bouts of depression.


We’ll discuss your current or past coping mechanisms and develop healthier skills to prevent and alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Wayne Bullock | Therapist for Depression in Washington DC

I offer individual therapy for depression and other services to help adults in Washington, DC embark on purposeful and rich lives.

I’m Jewish and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. And I’m proud to serve people of diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, races, and cultural values.


My treatment modality is psychoanalytic, integrating relational and interpersonal therapy. I aim to disentangle your experiences, unconscious pieces, and relationships to learn how they may have shaped you.


I will listen to what you say and what might be hiding between the lines. We will traverse these dimensions to strengthen your self-awareness and empower you with greater freedom of choice for meaningful results.


I provide an initial consultation where we can connect, discuss your problems, and align our expectations. If we are a good match, we’ll schedule regular appointments moving forward.


Sessions are in person at 910 17th ST NW, Suite 419, Washington, DC, and last 45 minutes. 

Take the Next Step!

You are worthy of space, time, and support.

Call (202) 505-2795 or reach out to take the next step in your healing process.

Ready to start? Schedule a therapy appointment with me today.

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