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Can Meditation Help With Depression?

Updated: Feb 10

Meditation has been used for centuries to promote well-being … mental, emotional, and physical. More recently, meditation is being used as a tool to treat depression. Here are some ways in which meditation might help:

Reduces Stress

Reducing stress and inflammation helps absolutely everything. Meditation can lead to a feeling of calmness and relaxation. And one of the main benefits of meditation is that it helps to reduce stress. Stress can be a major contributor to depression, and – it follows – that by reducing stress you help minimize depressive symptoms.

Improves Emotional Regulation

Depression is often characterized by negative thinking patterns and overwhelming emotions. Meditation can help you better regulate your emotions and manage these negative thoughts and feelings.

Increases Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment and aware of your thoughts and feelings. By becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to identify negative thought patterns and replace them with more positive ones.

Promotes Self-Awareness

Meditation can help promote self-awareness. Depression often leads to a feeling of disconnection from oneself. By becoming more self-aware, you can begin to recognize and connect with your own needs and desires.

Meditation can be an effective skill for treating depression. And it’s a skill that we can all acquire with a little focus and practice. There are many apps on the market that can aid in setting up a practice that can help. Additionally, psychotherapy aids in creating and reinforcing a more mindful approach to life.

Dr. Wayne Bullock is a Washington D.C. area therapist specializing in the needs of gay men and the LGBTQ community. Wayne's expertise includes helping those affected by anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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